Five tips to rent a bicycle in Alicante, Spain.

The nice weather is coming in Alicante and what we prefer the most is to visit the city with to enjoy some fresh air. You could do this sitting in front of your television with the air conditioned on full mode which is not a bad option, but if you decided to travel to Alicante, you have to decide whether you will rent a bicycle to visit this corner of the south West of Spain.

Where to begin your route with your bike

To begin in the Historic Center is the best option to discover Alicante by bike. It doesn’t matter if you arrived by train or by plane. From the Train station, you will need some minutes to get to the shop of “Bike Alicante – Bike Rentals and Electric Bike Tours”.From the airport, it is also very easy. And moreover if your accommodation is in the Center of Town.Why is it the best place? Because you will reach all the most interesting places with no effort on your bike.

What kind of bike you need to rent in Alicante

Now it’s time to enjoy what you got all around to see. We are very close to discover all the touristic places. You only need to make one last decision: would you prefer a normal bike or an electric one? A little help is always welcomed, the eBike will give you some boost. Considering this, we can start pedaling.

Places to visit with a bike

Starting your route open a lot of possibilities. Where do I go first? What is essential? Keep your cool, you got time for everything but you have to go somewhere first.

If your intention is to visit everything, we recommend you to go first in the castle of Santa Barbara. This place was built in the IX Century when the muslims lived in this part of the province. From here (the  climb will take around 15 minutes) you will be able to see the whole city, including the surprise awaiting for you after you overcame the 166 meters high that got the Benacantil Hill which is where the castle stands: Postiguet beach


NOTE:  don’t worry about your itinerary. In Bike Alicante will give you the best advices about all you can do around. You just have to tell us what you prefer to visit and we will show you the best way to reach it. We have some interactive maps to take with you so you never get lost.

Enjoy the ride

When you get down the Castle of Santa Barbara in direction of the coast because the blue color of the Mediterranean will attract you for sure, seize the opportunity to pass trough the Ereta Park. You will enter after in the Santa Cruz district, a patchwork of small streets with white houses charged of the old spirit of Alicante.


Optimize your road-trip: the coast

You got some time to spend, so get prepared. Do you still got some energy? You surely still have some fresh water in your bottle. Take the Explanada de España. This trip is a Alicante’s classic, a long and colored path that follow the Port. You will enjoy it for sure.If you come in the summertime, you will find handicraft shops, regional music, dance , theatre and outdoors shows. Ask for the schedule when you will come to rent your bike. The esplanade is full of life in the summer

Postiguet - La cantera

The coast starts now. You saw the castle, the Ereta park, the Santa Cruz district, the Esplanade, the Port  of Alicante and now…it is time for the Playa del Postiguet. This beach is the closest one from the center of Alicante. In the summer is used to be full of people, from September to june, it is possible that you can have it only for you. From this point, pedal following the sea in direction of Cabo de las Huertas. You will always be lounging the sea, with the waves breaking on next to you.

Route suggestions around the province of Alicante with your electric rental bike.

The bicycle is the way many people choose in their travel among cities of Europe. Riding a bike is one of the best option to explore a city and it is a fact e is more and more people prefer this way to visit a new town.  Some ask to themselves if it is better to rent an electric bike or a normal one in Alicante.

We always answer that for city tours, it will depend on your physical condition and how comfortable you want to move around. On the other hand, if your intention is to discover the region of Alicante (and not only the city), we will clearly recommend an electric bike. You will enjoy the electric assistance for sure. We give you the followings itineraries to feel the magic of the small villages of this area: those hidden places are easy to reach with an ebike, a perfect way to find the authenticity of Alicante.

Journey in electric bike in the authentic village of Agost.

Come to Bike Alicante’s office: we prepare your bike, your helmet, your route. You will then start an incredible experience exploring the area of Agost. It sounds good, isn’t it? You probably have no idea about what you will find there, so let me explain it to you.

Our journey will bring you into the mountains of the Sierra of Maigmó, a green area you will begin to discover as soon you will leave the city. You will begin to climb but quite slightly to arrive to our first goal, the village of Agost.  Keep calm, with a Moustache bike, you won’t even feel going uphill.

You will leave Alicante and reach Agost with your electric Bike. Once in Agost, we will bring you to a genuine artist workshop who create artistic pieces of ceramic. You will discover the way he works in a village which is specialized in ceramic from centuries.   

You probably won’t feel very tired thanks to your ebike but they  are still not able to feed you. After this visit, it will be time  to eat and everything will be ready in a peculiar restaurant hidden in a wonderful natural  environment. We can guarantee you will eat well and love the atmosphere of the place.

This is the restaurant where we will have lunch in our midday break. We will tell you more about the road you will take after lunch. Tthere was a period in which the region of Alicante was thinking  to build a railway just in this area. Many routes were prepared but the project finally never was carried out. Those roads were transformed in a bike road and you will this green road (“vía verfde”) during the main part of your way back. Be safe, no train ever passed over there!!

If you want to know more details about this trip in electric bike to Agost, don’t hesitate to consult us. This excursion will take you all the day. If you are curious to discover the villages around Alicante but if you have less time and energy, we recommend you this second option.

Journey in electric bike towards Busot, a village  above the sierra with views

If you wish to visit different areas of Alicante and discover more than the beach, find out the way of leaving of people living in the villages around but you don’t have much time for that: the journey to Agost may not fit but the one to Busot, another authentic village of the mountains is quite shorter and easier.

Busot is a small village, it already keeps some remainder of the Muslim period. Your wheels will pass above the small castle which hold some of its old stones in the mountain. The castle is damaged by the centuries, however the view from here is incredible.

The peace of the village and the serenity of the place will be sitting above you during the lunch you will have in the main place of the village. Here you will be able have some rest and breath fresh air. You will leave the mountains and reach very quickly the sea before getting immersed into an archeological vestige surrounded by the waves. After you enjoyed the Mediterranean breeze, you will  take small roads passing through the land. This will bring you back to the city of Alicante, where you will arrive in the afternoon. You can write or call us to know more details about this journey in electric bike to Busot, we will be pleased to attend you.

We hope you liked those proposals, we are quite sure finish your day with a smile with one of those two options. If you still got some energy, you can consult us for other places to explore as Castalla or Biar. We are about to bring you there very soon and be sure these new experiences will be amazing too.